Congratulations to our Championship MATS students who placed!

  • 2nd Place: Abree Ingrassia (B-1) and Paiton Brandt (A-2)
  • 3rd Place:  Mackenzie Smith (A-1), Keira Scott (B-1) and Kiley Scott (B-2)
  • 4th Place:  Kelsey Fohn (B-1)
  • 5th Place:  Tristyn Perryman (C-4)
  • 6th Place:  Addie Jacoby (B-2)

AND…We are gearing up for parent watch nights! Recital is coming soon and the kids are excited to show you what they have learned!

  • Independence Halloween Parade 2016 - "Grease"

Build your child’s confidence and give them dance activities, fun and friends!

Click on link below to view our daily class schedule:

Fall Enrollment 2016-17

Tuition Fee Information:

  • Tuition fee for a 30 minute class is $35 per month.
  • Tuition fee for a 45 minute class is $45 per month.
  • Tuition fee for a 60 minute class is $55 per month.
  • One-half price tuition for additional children in your family.

You can pay the class tuition fees monthly, by semester or on a yearly basis. Discounts are available for families who pay yearly or by the semester. Class tuition fees are due by the first each month. Late fees are automatically applied to family accounts after the 10th day of the month.

Congratulations to our STUDENTS OF THE MONTH!!!

oct-student-of-month   nov-student-of-monthdec-student-of-monthbria-diven-jan-som5_Feb Student of Month Abree5_Mar Student of Month

  • Lydia Blinzler – October
  • Ella Reinhardt – November
  • Bailey Zaner – December
  • Bria Diven – January
  • Abree Ingrassia – February
  • Taylor White – March